Business Excellence

Because Greatness is Contagious

A built-in process to assess, recognise and reward has empowered us to create a culture of excellence, and made Titan the champion of quality and dependability.

This dynamic and scalable methodology has allowed us to capture the best of global business processes and practices, along with strengthening our competitiveness and fostering the ethical behaviour we are synonymous with.

A culture of Excellence

Our business excellence methodology has empowered Titan to capture the best of global business processes and practices. Dynamic and scalable to ever-changing business performance parameters, it serves as a matrix for self-assessment that not only strengthens our competitiveness, but also fosters the ethical behaviour our organisation is synonymous with.

The Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) helps:

1. Improve business excellence practices, capabilities and results

2. Facilitate communication with a common language of excellence across all Tata group companies and sharing of best practices among Tata companies

3. Serve as a working tool for understanding and managing performance, for providing planning guidance, and for identifying learning opportunities

The core values and concepts of TBEM are embodied in seven categories: Leadership; Strategic Planning; Customer Focus; Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management; Workforce Focus; Process Management and Outcomes of Financial and Non-Financial Parameters; and Business Results.

The TBEM system focuses on certain key areas of business performance, namely, Customer-focused Results; Product and Service Results; Financial and Market Results; Human Resource Results; Organizational Effectiveness Results; Governance and Social Responsibility Results.

The TBEM assessment is often likened to that of an annual health check-up for a Tata company. It helps highlight what is being done right, as well as pinpoints the opportunities for improvement.

Stringent and rigorous, the assessment involves experts (five to ten assessors, drawn from volunteers in India and abroad, trained by the Tata Quality Management Services) who review the company’s work and progress. This is an exacting process that takes nearly six to ten weeks to complete and involves site visits and consensus-driven reports. The assessment teams are also guided by mentors, who are CEOs and senior leaders from Tata companies.

The Tata Business Excellence Convention is also a part of the TBEM. An annual coming together of the champions of excellence in Tata companies from all over the world, it serves as a platform to share best practices and listen to global experts speak on challenges and opportunities. Similarly, the Tata Network Forums (TNF) also work to continually foster the spirit of business excellence and ethical behaviour across Tata companies worldwide. The forums share group level communication and organization level best practices on an ongoing basis, leading to sustained business excellence. Currently, there are 10 TNFs spread across the globe, including Europe, North America, Middle East, China, Africa, South East Asia and India.

TBEM has a built-in reward and recognition mechanism wherein companies are felicitated with the JRD QV Award. The award was instituted in 1995 as a tribute to Jamsetji Ratanji Dadabhoy (JRD) Tata’s quest for perfection in every sphere of activity. It recognizes the company which excels in quality management and has achieved the highest levels of quality, and is presented on July 29 each year, the birth anniversary of JRD Tata.

Dynamic, highly scalable and driven by people, the TBEM’s greatest success lies in the fact that it is an institutionalized process. It is this established methodology that has helped create institutions that nurture a culture of excellence, and has made Tata brands the champions of quality and dependability.

Titan has won three awards:

1. JRD QV award by the Watches and Accessories Division in 2006

2. JRD QV award by the Jewellery Division in 2011

3. Sustainable Award by the Watches and Accessories Division in the year 2009