Chutki, our very own mascot

I am Chutki, the chosen Sustainability champion of Titan. Our vision statement: “We create elevating experiences for the people we touch and significantly impact the world we work in" guides me.

These are my functions:

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): An agent of change, with my pit storks from one flower to the next I work for various communities in the areas of education, skill building and Indian heritage. I especially associated with girl children and women, differently abled and my brothers and sisters from the tribal regions.

Climate Change ensuring and securing growth of my environment I love mother earth and try to do all that helps keep our natural habitat clean and green. Through my actions, I impact carbon footprint, water, energy and solid waste management and much more.

Business Excellence spreading the pollen of knowledge, on it ride of excellence I work towards building excellence across various processes in Titan and move towards the world-class journey.

Safety building structures of strength and safety I work to keep my fellow Titanians safe from any avoidable mishaps by conducting safety training, providing safety equipment, implementing safety standards like OHSAS et al.

Fragile yet strong, Sustenance is in my being.

I would like you to join me on the sustainability journey.