Design Impact Awards; Celebrating product designs that cause social change

Titan’s own flagship program, Design Impact: Awards is a program that identifies, celebrates and supports innovative product designs that cause social change.

The 4 objectives of the program are:

Create impact by identifying product design innovations and supporting them to scale up their reach across the country.

Create a unique, best-in-class innovation challenge program which is transparent, engaging & inclusive with meaningful experiences for all participants.

Inspire young minds to design for social needs and causes.

Leverage and integrate collaborations and partnerships to have maximum reach and impact.

The program in its first edition received 993 applications. The process of Engagement and Evaluation followed and keeping with the ethos of providing value to a large pool, the top 100 entries were engaged in residential workshops on topics like Design Thinking, Business Map Canvasing, How to tell your story, Effectivism etc. The evaluation engaged 50+ jury members comprising of SMEs, Social Sector Experts and Impact Investors.

Public exhibits of the top 100 products was also done in Bangalore and Mumbai with visitors panning across the social sector, academia, institutions etc.

The 8 winning grants have a committed sum of Rs 65 lakh each for 8 unique projects supporting the design reach market and scaling up. The grants are milestone based and capacity building of the various entities with Titan’s emerging leader pool has been part of the process of engagement. The projects pan across creating impact all over India in multiple ways bringing innovation and entrepreneurship into resoling some complex social problems. More about the winners and grant projects on