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Elevating experiences for the people we touch

CSR policy

We work for various communities in the areas of education, health and skill building, especially involving girl child, women,
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Volunteering policy

We believe that Tata Group's legacy of “giving back” can be practised by rolling up our sleeves and being the change we want in this world.
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A.A Policy

We believe in social equity and adhere to principles of equal opportunity, irrespective of social and economic standing, in our recruitments and career advancement.
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With a special focus on girl child

Education of tribal children

Empowering people, bridging communities through education.
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A revolution has begun brewing in quiet villages and dusty districts accross India; a revolution of hope.
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Driving this remarkable innitiative is a group of middle ;evel managers, who are taking the time to make a difference.
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Skill development for the underprivileged

Empowering the differently-abled

Skill building for underprivileged youth

Titan’s support for the IFA (Indian Foundation of Arts) includes a spectrum of projects.
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Skill building for differently-abled

Never wanting the traditional art to fade, the support of Tribal Craft initiated by Titan.
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Capacity Building

Titan’s innate association with youth runs deep and thus the support for the Young Directors Programme.
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Enabling crafts people to become self-sustainable

As one of the verticals under Titan CSR, our primary focus with this initiative is to support craft communities and revive or sustain the practice of heritage
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Responsible Citizenship

Committed to need-based causes, locally and nationally

Needy Causes

Titan’s support to the construction of pediatirc centre ward & the procurement of eqipment at Tata Medical Centre.
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Happy Eyes

Titan has leveraged its presece in the Eyewear mark.et to help brighten the lives of over 32,000 people.
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Three technology startups incubated at IIT Madras have been partly supported by TItan’s CSR grant.
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Restoring livelihoods

Every citizen, entity and institution have a responsibility towards the community they work with and the environment that they are part of.
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