HR Policy Manual Titan Volunteering Policy

 Vision: We create elevating experiences for the people we touch and significantly impact the world we work in.


In its usual course of business, Titan has always believed in transforming the unorganized sector and impacting the lives of thousands of people. It has built a tradition and example of being a responsible corporate citizen by employing differently-abled and underprivileged people since its inception.

Capturing the company’s vision statement and bolstering its belief in the long-term sustained development of the society, Titan’s volunteering efforts is another step towards further engaging its most important stakeholder and asset – its people!


The policy is an invite to all Titanians to participate and be a part of the several social projects that the company engages in through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and further the spirit of volunteerism in the company.

Govt. of India in its Companies Act 2014 made spending 2% of profit by any corporate with a net worth of 500 crores or more on CSR projects. While the mandate is in place, the real difference that the Govt. has intended to seek from corporate is not limited to the financial contribution alone. The real difference a corporate can make is by bringing in professionalism, innovation, challenging current practices & status quo and provide the expert knowledge of their respective sectors to social projects.

Titan has always encouraged and has been proud of its volunteers championing various community initiatives right through its inception. The policy is to further reinforce the motivation of these champions and is applicable to all levels of employees on the company rolls.


  1. Employees will be allowed to dedicate six working days in a year towards volunteering activities, identified by the CSR team, extendable on a need to basis. These will be planned activities and prior information about the project and the timeline when the employee can participate should be given to the CSR team.
  2. The volunteering leave will need the approval of the immediate reporting Manager. Volunteering opportunities will be communicated from time to time by CSR team in line with the CSR policy of the Company. A volunteer would be required to fill the Volunteer Registration Form, the format for which is enclosed in the annexure.
  3. The six working days in a year towards volunteering could be six consecutive days or days taken at different points in time, totalling to six working days.
  4. Employees up to Level L8 need to take prior approval from the immediate manager. L9 and above can nominate themselves.
  5. The conveyance and miscellaneous expenditures, if any, will be borne by the Company (in line with the Company’s Travel Policy) and Reimbursed on actuals to the employee and accounted for under the CSR expenditure towards the CSR project for which the employee has volunteered.
  6. Employees are encouraged to involve their immediate family members in volunteering programs.
  7. Employees are welcome to use their holidays to volunteer at their own discretion and log in to the system (once established) to record the number of hours volunteered.
  8. Employees are also encouraged to list their volunteering activities as part of their developmental areas under the annual Performance Appraisal process. 


While this policy has been created to encourage employees to formally participate in Titan’s CSR initiatives through volunteering and therefore contribute to the projects pursued by the Company, there are a few other areas/opportunities an employee can pursue volunteering devised by the Tata Sustainability Group. These are listed below:

   1. TATA Volunteering Week (TVW)

  1.  TVW is held twice every year for a duration of one week on pre-approved theme/s.
  2.  Employees are encouraged to register themselves on the Tata Engage website and participate in activities. The website and link information will be published as and when the Project is launched.
  3. Immediate family members can also register through the employee’s official mail and be a part of this program.
  4. The availability of programs and projects will be coordinated by the CSR team and informed to the volunteers who register themselves and will subsequently follow the process of volunteering. Further, if family members participate in volunteering, no reimbursement of money will be made. However, depending on a case to case basis any materials used may be reimbursed at the discretion of the Company.

   2. TATA Pro Engage Program

  1. Pro Engage seeks to leverage the employee pool of skill sets and competencies, to contribute in short-term projects. Employees can suggest the projects or work on projects identified by Tata Sustainability Group (TSG).

   3.    Leadership Exchange Action Program (LEAP)

  1. LEAP seeks to leverage group expertise and encourage employees to take up such projects which are mutually rewarding for both employees and community at large. The participation in the Group level initiatives and approval for on-duty (OD) will be solely at the discretion of the Company.These programs are announced as and when they come up by the Tata Group. Announcements on these will be made by either CSR or HR Team and will be taken forward as per those individual requirements.


  1. Employees participating in CSR volunteering are expected to conduct themselves as a responsible corporate citizen and in a manner so as to not bring disrepute to Titan or the Tata Group in any manner.
  2. No employee is authorized to make/give any statement to the media. Any queries from the media should be directed to our Corporate Communications Department.
  3. An employee should not show any kind of affiliation to any religious or political institution.
  4. In case of receiving any sensitive or personal information during volunteering hours, it should be treated as confidential and should be brought to the notice of the CSR / HR Head.
  5. Employees will continue to be governed by Tata Code of Conduct during the Volunteering period.
  6. Employee volunteers are expected to act responsibly and in accordance with the safety norms laid down by the company or the project as the case may be.