Occupational Health and Safety Policy

At Titan Company, we are committed to implementing and maintaining a Safe and Healthy work environment for all those who work for or on behalf of the company across all our work premises.

Titan will demonstrate the above by:

  • Proactively considering Occupational Health and Safety requirements to prevent work related injury and ill health to its people and to improve OHS performance while designing the processes, the work places, tools, equipment and procurement of machines including office and retail space.
  • While doing so, the company will ensure engagement of the people in designing and continuously improving its safety and OH practices, and take steps to ensure a prevention based approach through continuous awareness and training.
  • The company's prevention oriented approaches shall focus on reducing OHS risks and also elimination of hazards in the work place.
  • The company will strive to fulfil and, where possible and appropriate, also strive to exceed its obligations towards legal and other related regulatory requirements.

The policy is applicable to all employees who work for or on behalf of the company in all its premises, and all such people are being made aware of their own obligations and responsibilities through the communication of this policy.


C K Venkataraman

Managing Director