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Celebrating the art of Calligraphy with NEBULA by Titan

Calligraphy, an intricate and mesmerising art that's immortalised on monuments and revered in sacred texts can now be admired on the wrists too. 

Celebrating the magnanimity of Indian history and the art of words, the Calligraphy collection by NEBULA takes inspiration from three exquisite scripts – Modi, Siddham & Kufic. Each of these scripts go a long way in writing the glorious history. The grandeur of Modi script goes back to the great Maratha kings, the divinity of Siddham brought the majestic Mauryan kings to their knees and the poetic Kufic script brought to light the softer side of the greatest conquerors of the Mughal reign.


Taking inspiration from the grandeur of these scriptures and the flow and flourishes of a brush-stroke, these 18K solid gold timepieces are a luxurious interpretation of an art that is Calligraphy.