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Fitness Ka Naya Style: Introducing Sonata Stride Smartwatch

Get your hands on a good looking smartwatch that functions more than just a watch! Keep track of your time and fitness together with Sonata Stride, a hybrid smartwatch with an inbuilt fitness tracker.  Don’t believe us? Read on!

5 Things That Make Sonata Stride The Watch You Definitely Need:

a. Step Count:

Count your steps, not your calories. A feature that indicates the number of steps you’ve taken throughout the day, wouldn’t you love that?

b. Find Your Phone:

Are you somebody who keeps their phone somewhere and forgets about it? Well, you understand how Stride is ideal for you!

c. Sedentary Reminder:

Leading a sedentary lifestyle? Here’s a watch that helps you stay fit while you’re at work!

d. Camera Control:

*click* Control your phone camera with a button on your Stride. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

e. Sleep Monitor:

Track your sleep, understand your sleep cycle better, and take another step towards a healthier life!

Get your Everyday Fitness Companion Today: https://youtu.be/RtI5_YeZTOM