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The Raga Rongali collection

Titan Raga has always drawn inspiration from the femininity of women and the rich cultural heritage of India. The Raga Rongali collection is an ode to the Assamese culture, and was crafted especially for the graceful Assamese woman. Drawing inspiration from the gorgeous ‘Mekhla Chador’ worn on Bihu, the festival of prosperity for the Assamese. While the traditional ‘Gach’ motif sits elegantly on silk fabric dials, the watch hands are inspired by ‘Lahori Gogona’, an iconic musical instrument and women’s hair accessory during the Bihu festival. An elegant rose-gold strap enameled with bold waves of red is inspired by the inimitable beauty of the Assamese woman draped in a ‘Mekhla Chador’.

All set to add vibrant hues into the Bihu festivities, the Raga Rongali collection starts from Rs. 6495.