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Titan Raga’s ode to Motherhood

Titan Raga, time and again has been about the Raga woman, the strong independent and powerful woman of today and breaking stereotypes associated with her. With the brand representing the philosophy of Khud Se Naya Rishtah, this campaign redefines motherhood and the choices a woman makes when she becomes a mother. 

The film opens up in a baby shower set up, where a man urges the mother-to-be to deliver a speech.  This young mother talks about how she will never be a mother that the society approves of, but how she aspires to be a mother who would take up motherhood by choice, and not by convention - just like how her mother didn't stop chasing her dreams and follow her passion. 

Click here to watch the video.

The video has garnered over a million views and a positive impact among the audience along with creating conversations on motherhood and how modern woman view motherhood from a new lens.