Titanians ace work-from-home and step up during times of need!

At Titan, we constantly strive for a better tomorrow. With this spirit, we ensured the safety of Titanians and extended helping hands to the community. Presently, maintaining all safety guidelines, some Titanians are back at the office while others continue to excel while working from home. 

While staying indoors became the need of the hour, we understood that a time like this can make one feel stressed. So, we shared a few stress-busters like playing a game of Jenga or nurturing a hobby on social. In an interview with Radio City, our Managing Director, Mr. C. K. Venkataraman addressed the importance of spending time with family, nurturing hobbies, observing nature, aiding those in need, and how all these can help in coping with a time like this. 

Adhering to our tenet of helping the community for a better tomorrow, Titanians have repeatedly stepped up. Additionally, with work-from-home, video calls and personalized workstations have become more frequent and to show this, employees shared pictures of their current workstations, and moments from video calls, which are truly inspiring and creative. 

Our leaders appreciate every effort and thank all Titanians for their work ethic!