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Zoya launches Musee Du Luxe collection

Zoya launched its all new Muse Du Luxe collection - an intricate collection of jewellery that captures Paris’s sublime architecture, its culture and its inherent joie de vivre. The collection brings to you the culture, art and timeless icons of Paris, handcrafted to perfection in gold, diamonds, and precious color stones.

The collection draws inspiration from the following:

Pont De Arts – A pedestrian bridge over the River Siene, known in modern culture as a symbol of romance, as passersby made promises of love through padlocks that adorned the bridge's railings.

Eiffel Tower - An architectural brilliance from the late 19th century and an accomplishment that continues to inspire awe from tourists and locals alike.

The Art of Ballet – A dance form that is an impeccable representation of intrinsic fluidity and finesse.

Arche De Triomphe - A monumental figure in the Parisian landscape, decorated by sculptures reminiscent of the city's art forms from the 19th century.

Cubism - A modern art form synonymous with 20th-century French culture that defies all prevalent conventions to become one of the most powerful movements of its time.

Spring Evening - Resplendent springtime sights, with peonies and cherry blossoms adorning the city's