A collection that's fueled for speed and precise timekeeping.

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What makes us different

Titan Octane is not just a timepiece, it is a style statement like no other... because it’s made for speed. 

The CHRONOGRAPH measures split-second decisions. 

Watch's PRECISION TIMING allows you to split time with greater accuracy -- the feature lets you measure up to 1/10th of a second!

It's WATER RESISTANT and designed for a splash. The feature varies and the watches are water-resistant to up to 100 meters underwater.

The MULTI-LAYERED DIAL makes Octane high on stylised detailing.

The in-built TACHYMETER lets you keep track of your speed.

LUMINOUS HANDS let you keep a track of time, however dark the circumstances.

SEAMLESS STRAPS are crafted for the Octane to take the shape of your wrist without ungainly contours.

What's Ticking

at Octane

Titan Octane

Designed with precision and centred on style and performance, the new Titan Octane collection complements the poise of a modern man
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Titan Watches launch Octane, a new range of men’s watch

Need to feel the speed? Octane is here!
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