Favre Leuba AG (FLAG)


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Favre Leuba AG (FLAG)

Favre Leuba AG (FLAG) is a 100% subsidiary of Titan Company Limited. The company is headquartered in Solothurn, Switzerland and owns the Favre Leuba brands, one of the oldest Swiss watch brands. 

The first (pocket) watch was manufactured by Favre Leuba in the year 1718 and the brand was registered as a trademark in 1737. The brand has had a continuous involvement with 8 generations of the family, making it amongst the most well known family-owned brands in the Swiss watch industry. 

Being amongst the oldest watch brand, Favre Leuba has won many, awards and recognition for its various innovations and distinctions. 

FLAG was incorporated in 2012 by Titan Company Limited and the Favre Leuba brand is now being revived, in a contemporary form that brings alive the rich heritage in a manner, relevant for the global watch connoisseur of today.