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Launch of Squadron by Titan Octane

Inspired by the powerful combat fighter jets, the Squadron by Titan Octane series is a limited-edition collection. Channelling the ferocity of daredevils who dare to achieve the unbelievable, this series is more than what one can imagine. It’s what it looks like – A machine. Modelled after different parts of fighter jets, this series is born out of man’s love for machines.

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Neil Foley, the product designer says, “The conceptualization of this collection was triggered by my passion for modern military fighter jets. Through these designs, I wanted to celebrate the spirit of flying, of fighter pilots and their flying machines. These cutting-edge designs have a DNA that expresses precision and speed. Through visual cues from cockpit instruments and aircraft design, I wanted to bring the poetry of flight to the consumer’s wrist.”

With four stunning models – Thunderbolt, Scouter, Hawker, and Falcon, the watches are available in eight variants The collection is priced between Rs 13,995 and Rs 18,495.

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