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Working at Titan Company Limited

Wondering what's in it for you?
We, at Titan, pride ourselves for creating a niche of our own

At Titan, we never "settle" – which is why, we don’t just offer you a job, we offer you a curated lifestyle… a chance to be part of the trend-setting community in the forever-evolving lifestyle consumer industry, through commitment to design, manufacturing expertise, avant-garde technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure. At Titan, this commitment to uncompromising excellence doesn’t just end with products – we extend it to our employees as well! We place our trust in people who are multi-faceted, who want more out of their lives… people who are forward-facing thinkers, visionaries, creators, achievers.

How We Hire, Who We Hire

For us, diversity is the spice of life.
The "people-first" work culture at Titan ensures:
  • A rewarding performance philosophy - quality is the only yardstick that matters
  • Internal mobility to encourage self-improvement, while boosting competitive spirit and diversity.
  • A chance to invest in your future through our leadership programmes.
  • The ability to upgrade your educational skills through our campus connect programmes.
  • A "Total Rewards" philosophy which cares and nurtures.

A pioneering program for women who wish to restart their career after a break, and designed to make the transition more efficient through part-time projects or full-time employment.

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Our in-house TAS (Tata Administrative Services) programme – a TATA Group initiative – is aimed at grooming fresh talent from colleges and our permanent employees who have a vision to lead.

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The company has established exclusive Design Studios with the sole objective of creating pioneering, user-centric designs for its watches, eyewear, and jewelry businesses.

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Lateral Hiring

Our hiring ranges from freshers to middle management to senior management team across all the divisions of Titan. This gives us the leverage to engage with talent across the spectrum.

Current Vacancies
"We are a unique enterprise."
-Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Directer of Titan Co.

Restless, Responsible, and Respected are the 3Rs that defines Titan as an employer and this reflects in every people program of ours. At Titan, we believe in the concept of Growing our own Timber. We have well evolved campus programs for management trainees, design trainees, graduate engineering trainees, diploma trainees and graduate trainees through which we groom talent for the future.

Management Trainee Programme

Through this program, we recruit high calibre graduates from premier B-Schools and empower them to build successful careers in Titan.

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Graduate Engineering Programme

Every year, we hire a pool of young engineers to work in our world class manufacturing facilities.

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Diploma Trainees and Graduate Trainees

Diploma and graduate trainees are hired to work on the shop floor and in administration and form a very critical part of ur work force.

"Internship Programmes"
Management Trainee Summer Internship Program

The management trainee summer internship is our flagship programme for recruiting Management Trainees.

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Engineering Trainees

We give opportunities to students from Tier -1 Engineering colleges to intern with us and assist us technically in our ongoing projects.

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Design Trainees

Design is a key differentiator for us. We engage with top design schools to hire designers through the internship route.

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Campus Engagement Programme

Growing With Titan

We are a "people-first" company and know our employees are what makes Titan.

We, at Titan, encourage internal mobility as a means of building expertise, generating synergy and promoting self-improvement. This allows our employees to work in different departments and expand their horizons.


Our growth programmes are designed to fuel such young Titanians. We also encourage our employees to mobilise internally through our programme called 'Evolve'

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Young Leaders Program

The motive of the program is to identify young high-performing and high-potential Titanians and groom them into future leaders.

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Emerging Leaders Program

Through this program, we identify our top talent who are taken through an 18-month-long curated development journey

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We Have Your Back

Working at Titan comes with it's perks.
Taking off from work

Casual, privilege and sick. Those are the usual. And then there is the 96-days maternity leave (108, in case you’re blessed with twins). Haven’t been able to take your leaves? We’ll encash them for you!.

Company car

As you move up the ladder, you get a company-paid-for and maintained car.

Your family, our family

We treat yours like ours. That’s why, if they perform brilliantly in their Class X and XII exams, we gift them with up to Rs. 30,000 rewards.

Be more human

If you take social responsibility seriously, we are here to bolster you. You get up to 6 days off (PAID!) to work on CSR projects.

Insuring you and yours

Our employees are our primary concern, and so that makes their families our concern too. The medical insurance for our employees covers spouse, children, and parents), besides accounting for your pre-existing ailments. Retiring from Titan? Your lifetime health insurance is on us!

Happy homecoming / Be home-proud

Going back home should be a treat after a tiring (and, hopefully, productive!) day at work. We offer our employees the opportunity to deck up their homes with furniture, kitchen appliances, and electronic appliances. The sum is accounted on a depreciating balance method, making it convenient for all of us. Employees get to buy back the asset at a minimal price at the end of the specified period.

Enviable lifestyle discounts

Our employees are our true brand ambassadors, and thus, we treat them as such. While Tanishq discounts will bring you joy at your (and your children’s) wedding, you’ll also get discounts on watches and accessories, jewellery and eyewear

Need an advance?

We got you! Reach out to us for medical emergencies, vehicle purchases. And yes, for marriage and jewellery loans too!

Get that education

Want to study? Ok! We’ll help you get that higher degree. Just come back and work with us later.

Put your kids through good schools

The demographic divide in Titan is huge, and we respect that. Which is why we offer education assistance for employee’s children.

Rewards and Recognition

We are a company that believes in celebrating all victories - small or big.
Titan with it's inclusive culture, celebrates many festivals

Titanians across locations, divisions, factories and retail are rewarded and Recognized through multiple R&R programmes which include spot, monthly and quarterly rewards - Moment of Fame, Employee of the Quarter, Make Hearts Beat (Eyeplus), Smile (Watches), I am Tanishq (jewellery) are some of the names. We also have customized frameworks designed for different departments.

Outstanding Titanian Dream Team Awards

The flagship annual R&R programme which is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year. It’s an annual programme in which we receive more than 100 nominations which through a stringent selection process by an eminent jury of 12 senior leaders! For most employees being nominated itself is considered unparalleled recognition. The winners are announced at a glittering function in the presence of all our CXOs and the Titan Management Council where the rewards upto Rs 50,000 are given out.


Titan, with its inclusive culture celebrates many festivals. We are a company that believes in celebrating all victories – small or big! This year (2017) we celebrate our 30th Anniversary and many channels are being deployed through the year to commemorate the occasion – The T Factor, a marathon, contest for the Titan tune, etc. are being deployed to commemorate the occasion through the year.

The Unlike Awards

Instituted last year, this annual award programme lauds winners in the Innovation category- a value that Titan holds very high!

Titan Premier League

This is an event which takes place once in 2 years where sportsmen from across the company spanning factories, retail, regional and corporate offices participate in a 6 -week long sports tournament. The finals are held in Bangalore.