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SKINN gets the codes of attraction and sensuality right

SKINN launched two films to get the codes of attraction and sensuality right. Conceptualised by JWT, these films ensure differentiation from the over-sexed deodorant imagery, while retaining the perfume category codes of attraction and sensuality.

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Rajeshwari Srinivasan, business head - Skinn, Titan Company Limited, said, "We have added a new chapter to Titan Company by telling the story of Skinn in this new TVC. The purpose of this commercial was to celebrate the spirit of Skinn, which has been beautifully captured in the film." She added, "Skinn has officially given a boost to our presence in the personal lifestyle space and we look forward to expanding this category and its offerings in the time to come

Senthil Kumar, national creative director, JWT India, said, "The sense of smell is truly the most potent sense when it comes to attraction, even beyond sight. And this idea of 'cause and effect' was magnified in the execution. External physical reactions like a pupil dilating or raising goose flesh to internal chemical reactions like a faster heartbeat and neurons firing brought the idea alive."