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Conquering the Malabar coast

To carry forward the spirit of adventure that SF embodies, the brand initiated a unique journey from Kutch to Kanyakumari through 2 different routes.

In a journey that spanned more than 3000KMs in 100 days with a myriad of landscapes in unchartered territories of west coast of India, there was just one common mission - Conquer the Coast.

This grueling challenge was taken up by a couple who chose to celebrate their togetherness by showing their passion for adventure. Kaustubh Khade -  pro-kayaker,  kayaked solo from Bombay to Goa. Covering 415 km in 17 days, he set the Limca Record for the longest solo kayaking by an Indian. Samjali Shali- pro-cyclist, an ex-marketeer turned full-time adventure junkie, challenges the limitations that solo female travelers face in India.

Despite obstacles like a faulty launch, equipment problems, phone battery dying in the middle of nowhere, crazy high tides and so on in addition to their own physical exhaustion, this couple did not give up. Together, they explored hidden wonders of nature, understood new cultures, met interesting people and dined with the locals.  This couple ended up giving serious travel and relationship goals to online fans.