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Favre-Leuba launches campaign countering professional stereotypes

No profession is a male-only profession! Favre-Leuba launches a campaign to eradicate professional stereotype with its latest collection, Raider Sea Bird. This range celebrates a number of exceptional women who have challenged professional gender stereotypes in the pursuit of their dreams.


The Raider Sea Bird collection was created for the strong and independent women of today; women who have succeeded in unconventional professional fields with confidence.


As a part of the campaign, the brand associated with discovering women who have embraced careers as a drummer, pilot, sailor, metal sculptor, film producer, and robotic engineer, and all the professions typically associated with men; providing a spotlight to those who have followed their dreams despite all the obstacles in their way.


Reema Vazirani, Marketing Manager at Favre-Leuba explains, “Like the Raider Sea Bird, as it breaks away from the conventional norm of women’s watches with their precious stones and metals. Just like the many women who break away from the age-old professional gender norms, these women are an inspiration as they have conquered physical, mental and emotional frontiers in otherwise male-dominated professions."


Manuela, a metal sculptor agrees, “Working with metal as a material can be somewhat challenging for a woman. It takes a lot of strength, which comes easier to a man, but my determination and persistence have helped me turn my vision into reality. I am glad that I can reinforce my position as a woman in this unique field.”


Just like these women, the Raider Sea Bird exudes self-confidence and determination. The combination of excellent craftsmanship and perfect functionality go hand-in-hand, and together they are symbolic of the modern woman.