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Titan EyePlus launches state-of-the-art Titan lenses

Titan Eye Plus, India’s largest optical retail chain launches an innovative lens coating – ‘Titan SPF’ to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Both sides of the lens are coated with the newly launched SPF coating to ensure UV rays are blocked from entering the eye either through the front of the lens or by reflecting off the back of the lens into the eye.

If the eye is exposed to UV light it has a harmful effect on the eyelids, eye cornea, lens & retina and it can also increase occurrence of eye diseases like cataract during old age.

Commenting on the launch, Ravi Kant, CEO - Eyewear business - Titan Industries Ltd. said, "Titan continues to invest in development of high technology lenses. The 'Titan SPF' lens is manufactured in our state of the art facility near Bangalore, which uses cutting edge technology. The new 'Titan SPF' will be relevant to all spectacle users."

Titan has undertaken the journey to focus on developing lenses which provide unparalleled benefits at competitive prices. Titan SPF range starts at Rs. 1995 per pair; apart from UV protection SPF coating also comes with properties such as Super hydrophobic, dust repellant which makes it easy to clean and anti-glare features which provides 99% vision clarity. The product is currently launched for all single vision, bi-focal and progressive lenses. The new Titan SPF coating lenses will be available across all 219 Titan Eye plus stores in the country.

Other specialized Titan lenses launched in the last couple of years include 'Activ lenses' which are lifestyle based progressive lenses and 'Signature' progressive lenses, customized based on customers head and eye movement. These specialized lenses were launched to ensure maximum visual comfort and vision clarity.

Titan also produces conventional Glass/Plastic/Polycarbonate/Trivex lenses. - single vision starting at Rs. 299/ bifocal starting at Rs. 850  and progressives Titan lenses starting at Rs. 1400 with anti-reflective, anti-scratch, Super Hydrophobic & UV coating are also available.